As a new and growing literary agency I am accepting submissions. Please do follow the guidelines set out below as it will make everybody’s lives a lot easier. I’m afraid I cannot accept manuscripts sent by post.

  • Use the submissions form here on the website – this will ensure that your submission doesn’t go amiss or get lost in spam.
  • Fill in all sections of the form. Please include a short synopsis as well as the first three chapters (or first 50 pages) of your novel. Try to ensure that the book is legible – ideally use at least 1.5 spacing and no fancy fonts!
  • I’d love to know a little bit about you – who you are, why you’ve chosen to write this, any previous writing or publishing experience you have. Let your personality come through – agents and authors have to work closely together so it’s important we get on!

And that’s it. Due to the volume of submissions I receive on a weekly basis, it’s really difficult to say how long it will take me to read your work, but if I’m interested based on your initial submission I will get back to you to call in the full manuscript.

Please do also give me a follow-up nudge if another agent requests your complete manuscript – I may not have got around to looking at it yet and would love the opportunity to consider it.

So, what type of books am I looking for? I love page-turning, commercial books. Books that you can’t put down. Books that make your heart race, your hands shake, your eyes fill with tears. Books that you want to press into the hands of all your friends immediately and stand over them until they’ve finished so you can discuss it together.

To be specific, I’m looking for well-written crime, thrillers, psychological suspense, high-concept novels, romance, women’s fiction, historical fiction and reading group fiction.

Feel free to take a look at my Goodreads page listing for a more detailed idea of my tastes.

Please don’t send me children’s books (picture books, middle grade or young adult), fantasy, poetry collections, or non-fiction – I’m just not the right reader for these.

But if all of the above sounds like you and you have your first three chapters ready to go, then please get in touch via my submissions form.